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It's important to stay updated on your Ford maintenance service intervals. Quick, easy services that we offer like oil changes and tire rotations will keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape for years to come. Our Ford Parts Department is also here to supply you with all the accessories and replacement parts that you require. Schedule Ford service with our certified Ford technicians in Texas City, TX, today to extend the life of your Ford!

At our convenient Cook Ford Service location, we’re here for you long-term to give your Ford vehicle the expert-level care that it requires. We're certified, experienced, and ready to repair your Ford work truck, Ford SUV, sedan, or hybrid vehicle. 

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us online or by phone, and a team member will assist you. From Ford oil changes to brake and battery replacements, we handle it all at Cook Ford.

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Auto repair services available at our Ford dealer

Maintenance Services Available

At Cook Ford, we offer our customers a wide range of different auto repair and maintenance services. We take pride in our work and will have your vehicle ready in a timely fashion. These services can include air filter replacements, tire rotation, oil change service and more. Our service team will ensure that you have the ultimate customer service experience when you come in for your next scheduled service. Call our service center today with any questions.

Auto Repair For Your Diesel Engine

Finding a dealership that can do same-day diesel auto repair can be tough, but luckily Cook Ford is here. We offer drivers a service center that can repair or maintain their diesel engine the same day they bring it in. Our trained technicians can tailor your visit to your specific vehicle and the condition it is in. Whether you need an oil change or new tires, we can handle it. Come to a Ford dealer that diesel drivers can trust and visit Cook Ford today.

Oil change service available at our Ford dealer

Oil Change Service For Your Diesel Ford

Getting oil change service for your diesel truck should be simple, and at Cook Ford, we make it easy. We know that your diesel engine works hard each and every day, and that can take a toll on the oil inside. We specialize in oil changes and you should have yours changed every 3,000-5,000 miles, depending on the type of oil your vehicle takes. Of course, we are also experts when it comes to changing the oil on gas-powered engines, as well. If you have any questions feel free to give our service center a call today.

Certified Service Technicians

We are a trusted Ford dealer for a reason. We are a fully certified service center that has factory-trained technicians. These individuals have been trained to repair and maintain your specific Ford model. Our technicians will know your vehicle better than anyone else and you can trust they’ll get the job done right. Schedule a visit with our certified technicians today.

Brake service available at Cook Ford

Brake Service

Brakes are an important component of any vehicle, and they are vital to having a safe drive. If you are experiencing any squealing or screeching when you slow down, it could mean that you need new brakes. This could be a simple fix such as replacing the brake pads but if you let it go on too long, you might end up having to replace the whole rotor. Schedule an appointment with us before the damage gets too far.

Battery Replacement service available at our Ford dealer

Keep Your Vehicle Charged Up

The battery in your vehicle can sometimes be forgotten about until something is wrong with it. If you are experiencing a lag in your engine starting or nothing is turning on at all, you could need a new battery. Sometimes you just need a charge. Whatever it is, the technicians at Cook Ford can assist you and even replace the battery for you. They’ll know exactly what your vehicle will need. Call our service center to schedule an appointment today.

New tires available at Cook Ford

Tires For Every Vehicle

Tires are important for your vehicle, both for performance and safety reasons. Our service center has a selection of tires for you to choose from when the time for replacement comes, even for your diesel truck. Need a simple trick to know if your tread is too low? All you’ll need is a simple penny. Place Abraham Lincoln’s head down in your tread, and if you can see any part of it, the time has come for new tires. If you’re unsure about the kind or size of tires you need, our experienced technicians will know what you need and will let you know what your options are. Schedule an appointment with us before you get a flat.

Wheel alignment service available at Cook Ford

Keep Your Wheels On Track

Keeping your wheels aligned is important to the quality of many different components on your vehicle. The tires are the first to be affected with uneven wear on the tread. This can then cause your tires to wobble or pull to one side of the road. In order to avoid either of these situations from happening, you should do your best to keep your wheels aligned. You can schedule an appointment at the Cook Ford service center today.

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