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Car Maintenance Checklist To Keep You Running Smoother

Don’t Wait For Warning Lights

To keep your Ford or other vehicle performing its best at all times, don’t wait for something to go wrong before taking it in. When that happens, the scenario goes from being a routine automotive service to necessary repair.
Not only will you save money on costly repairs, but with routine maintenance, you will enjoy stronger performances from your vehicle over the course of a longer life span.
For all your auto maintenance services or questions, visit the certified service center more Texas City drivers rely on, Cook Ford.

Tire And Brake Conditions

No-one needs a lesson on the importance of healthy brakes and tires. But, keeping an eye on a few factors can be a true life-saver.
First, be sure to take note of the treads on your tires. If they seem thin or worn, chances are, you need new tires. If the inside or outside of one or more of the tires looks more worn than the other, they likely need to be rotated.
A tire pressure gauge is a great investment and takes the guessing game out of the equation. Know the pound level your tires need and check them frequently, as slow leaks are often invisible. When you drive on tires with low air, their effectiveness diminishes and you will burn through gas faster.
Moving on to the brakes. If you notice yourself having to depress the brakes harder than usual, there’s likely something that needs to be serviced with the brake pads, rotors or brake fluids. Keeping regular service appointments can help avoid getting into these situations which, too often, turn into expensive repairs or even collision.

Fluids And Potential Leaks

The health of your vehicle is largely dependent on fluids. To ensure proper levels, make it a point to check them regularly. In many cases, it requires little more than topping levels off yourself.
Among the levels to keep in mind are oil, radiator, power steering, brake and transmission fluids. Fluid levels that seem to drop quickly would indicate a leak. Plus, depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the number of miles you put on it, the oil needs to be regularly changed and not just topped off. Oil collects outside elements over time which, if left untreated, can lead to big headaches and costly repair bills.

If you find it a good idea to get all your fluid levels visually inspected by highly-skilled technicians, be sure to schedule an appointment with Cook Ford today.

Stay Charged With A Healthy Battery

Before bringing your vehicle into the Cook Ford service center for what appears to be a dead battery, there are a few suggestions to first try at home.
If your battery seems to be fighting for its life, check for – and clear away – any corrosion around the terminal posts. Then, check for any loose cables which may be attached to those posts. Loose is not what you want.
If your battery is the type that relies on fluids, the optimal level will be right at the filler neck. Anything less than that can be treated with water. If problems persist and a jump start doesn’t appear to do the trick, reach out to Cook Ford for help. We’ll have you charged and ready to roll again in no time.

Visit Cook Ford For Auto Repair & Maintenance

As these are just a few of the many things to keep on your car maintenance checklist, there are several things you want to keep an eye on as preventative measures.
From oil filters and air filters to timing belts and serpentine belts, all parts of your Ford or other vehicle work in conjunction to make every drive a strong and safe one. As the saying goes, it’s only as strong as the weakest link.
For the tasks you don’t feel comfortable with handling at home, please consider your routine maintenance or repair with Cook Ford, the Texas City Service Center renowned for toughening up those weakest links.



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