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Get Your Diesel Oil Change Service Done At Cook Ford

Visit Cook Ford For Comprehensive Diesel Service

In addition to our vast selection of high-quality vehicles and excellent auto repair services, Cook Ford also offers extensive diesel services. Whatever you may need, visit Cook Ford and get it handled by our friendly and efficient staff today.

When To Get An Oil Change?

The general wisdom regarding traditional gas-powered engines is to get an oil change every 3,000 miles or 3 months — whichever comes first. Diesel engines, however, are usually able to go a little longer between oil changes due to their unique design elements. Finding the official intervals for your vehicle is as simple as checking your owner’s manual. Unfortunately, these tend to fluctuate depending on climate, driving habits and more.
Visiting Cook Ford not only introduces you immediately to the rest of the wonderful amenities we have as a Ford dealer, but your trip also lets you receive more information on how to properly maintain your specific vehicle. Our expert technicians are always eager to assist and are more than capable of determining the best schedule for you and your vehicle.

What Does Our Diesel Service Entail?

Whether you’re getting service done on a gas or diesel engine, at Cook Ford, you can be sure you’re getting quality service from certified specialists. Our oil change service is a comprehensive service in which we replace your oil, inspect and top off your other fluids, replace your oil filter, inspect your engine for any potential issues and more.
Changing your oil at regular intervals helps to keep your system free from contaminants and debris, resulting in smooth engine performance and an extended overall lifespan. Changing your oil also keeps your engine’s many moving parts properly lubricated, which prevents wear and tear that could lead to future problems. Last but not least, fresh oil helps prevent rust, build-up and corrosion as well.

What Type Of Oil Should I Use?

Though there are oils that specifically state they can be used for both diesel and gas engines, using the same oil on both types of engines would result in disaster for one of them. Once you’ve dialed down the variety of oil you need, it’s time to choose between regular oil, a synthetic blend or fully synthetic oil. Your vehicle’s oil cap will usually state the type you should use, but there can be exceptions.
If you’re ever in doubt, Cook Ford is here to help. As the premier Ford dealer, we take pride in all of the work we do, and we strive to offer dependable service each day. With so many different types and competing brands of oil out there, it can be hard to keep track of it at times. Luckily, our capable technicians take their craft very seriously, and they are more than willing to assist you in finding the perfect oil for your exact vehicle. Schedule a service appointment today to get started.



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